Fun Ways To Shard Your Wallpaper

June 24, 2022 42,567 views

Have you ever been home and felt like you needed to spice up the look of your desktop? Maybe have some fun with the monotony of a world map or scenic view. Well, if you’re looking for something to lighten up your desk, then this should help! Here are tips for awesomely decorating your wallpaper.

1. Create a personal photo collage

There could not be a better way to express yourself than by using images that are meaningful and important to you. Grab some photos from your collection and make them into a custom collage! A suggestion is to use at least 30 photos on one screen.

2. Install special effects

Any picture can be transformed into more than what it is, simply by the use of a few effects. The most common are Frames and Frames, a set of “shadows” that can transform almost any image into an artsy and artistic image. Another is Beautiful Textures, which will give your wallpaper a more realistic feel and make it look like you’re looking at real scenery or photos.

3. Pixellate & make mosaic

With a few images and software, it is not difficult to put together a lovely mosaic or abstract image. All you need to do is experiment with the settings until you get the effect you want.

4. Install incredible backgrounds

Many developers have backgrounds that often stand out from the majority of other wallpaper packages. These backgrounds are not free and usually require an upgrade for the premium version of your distribution. They are worth it though. The “Parallax” background is popular among openSUSE fans and gives your wallpaper a three-dimensional look, while “Cubism”, “Rain” and “Static Waves” are just as stunning in looks as they are in their effects!

5. Create your custom wallpaper

If you don’t want to pay for custom wallpaper, then try making your own! For this, you will need Photoshop and a bunch of images (at least 15). Simply create a folder or files with the images you wish to make into a collage. Name this folder something like “home.jpg”, add all the images in it, and save the folder somewhere. Open it with Photoshop and place it on the desktop by using File – Place & Select or Edit – Transform – Warp Text – Paste Into New Layer or Edit – Transform – Warp Text – Warp Distort.


There are so many things you can do with wallpaper. The only limit is your imagination.